No Alternative

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The first film to be distributed on VoD by Doc’it Yourself will be the feature length documentary AlternaSuisse/No Alternative. The documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of Switzerland’s independent, underground art spaces. These spaces have been (and are) a huge inspiration for Doc’ItYourself, and viewing the film on VoD will be done with a « pay what you want » model, a first (to our knowledge) in Switzerland. We decided to make the film available this way so that every household would have a chance to see the film regardless of their income, and it’s entirely possible to anyone to watch the film for free.

Doc’it Yourself believes that movies are an indispensable art form and we believe that distributing the film in VoD for a price anyone could afford is the best way to reach the most people. We have always believed in offering and supporting alternatives, and we are proud to distribute this documentary in a way that is aligned with that vision. If all goes well, there will be other films to come in the future, as we consider launching our very own « pay what you want » VoD platform. Stay tuned!

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AlternaSuisse / No Alternative is a documentary directed by Karen Cooper et Kevin Rumley. Filmed in Switzerland, No Alternative is a deep dive into the power of art and its unique ability to bring people together despite otherwise divisive differences (age, race, politics, gender etc).  The directors sought to present a deep and intimate portrait of life in the DIY art community, and we are incredibly grateful for the trust that’s been placed in us to tell the story of this often misrepresented subculture.

Swiss artists are on the forefront of exploring a massive cultural shift as their country adapts to the world’s increasingly fast-paced, capitalist mentality. Many artists find themselves on the margins of a typically elite, tightly-controlled, and often inaccessible institution. In response, they forged their own “non-institutions”: DIY creative spaces, run by individuals and non-profit associations, which provide an affordable space for artists to develop their work in a collective setting.

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